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AstroYES. 7 Space Brushes That are Out of This World.

Sophie Branigan, Tadgh Lipton - Surreal - Free PhotoShop BrushesFree PhotoShop Space Brush Downloads

As a keen follower of all things astronomical (and shamefully, astrological), I caught this month’s “What’s Up” show from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Inspired by their talk of comets, and wondering if we’ll actually get to see any over in this part of the world, (where it is often cloudy), I decided to have a look, in the black abyss that is the internet, for some free PhotoShop tools that could help me create my own galaxy.

Starfield Brushes by Stalwart Design

A set of 4 high res star brushes. At 2500px, these brushes are really great for those large background jobs. Check out their website for more brushes, including some 3D styles!

Moon Brushes by Hawksmont

There are many faces to the moon, as we know from Noel Fielding’s interpretation in The Mighty Boosh. Hawksmont has captured an array of moons in this set, all beautifully high resolution.

Moon fact: At last count, the Earth had 18,000 moons. That’s a lot of cheese.

Planets II by Sunira

A set of high contrast, atmospheric planet brushes. Ranging from 650 – 1024px, there’s something for every project.

Planet Renders Pack 2 by ocd1c-stock

A charming set of planet brushes, all 1000px². Can’t go wrong.

8 NASA Space and Nebula Brushes by DigitalArtEmpire

Created from NASA’s immense pool of images, these brushes are high quality. And at 2500px, they work really well as stand-alone images as well as part of a composition. Totes nebular.

Night Sky Brushes by

Full of depth, these cloudy brushes feature shadowy moons and suns. Create character and moon in your compositions with this brush set.

Star Brushset by Rabieshund

Although these brushes seem a little on the small side, they retain their impact when pushed up a few thousand pixels. We’re talking swathes of stars here, dive in.

All the brushes mentioned above are free to download, but always check the license for accreditation and distribution conditions!

Which wins your space race? Talk it out in the comments below!

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